$50/Hour (2 Hour minimum)
$450/10-hour Day “Lockout”
(See description below)

• A 25% deposit is required to book time, with the balance due at the end of each session.
• For sessions scheduling dates MORE than 2 weeks in advance, we can hold dates for 48 hours to allow time for payment of deposit. After 48 hours, if deposit has not been paid, then dates will be released.
• For sessions scheduling LESS than 2 weeks in advance, we cannot hold dates or wait for deposits; Deposit is required immediately, at time of scheduling discussion.
• Deposit is refundable if session is canceled or re-scheduled with at least than 2 weeks’ notice.

• We accept PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card, check or cash.
• Billing starts at the scheduled session start time, or when musicians arrive, whichever is earlier.
• Recording gear set-up before the musicians arrive is complimentary, if we’re prepared as to session set-up.
• Soundchecking and rough mixes are "on the clock" (billable time).
• Studio tours and pre-production consultation are complimentary.
• Hard drive space, data archiving and tape rental (To be transferred to Pro Tools at end of each session) is complimentary. Tape is also available for purchase if you want to stay analog.

* A lockout includes 10 hours of working time (Plus breaks), as well as the ability to leave gear set up overnight for multi-day sessions. Great for larger tracking sessions!

Workshops are priced individually, and details can be found on the Recording Workshops page.

Private audio lessons at La Luna are $50/hour. We can also teach on location, working with you on your own gear in your own space - Please contact us for a custom quote.