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A podcast exploring the art and craft of sound. Featuring conversations with engineers, producers, and musicians.


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Episode 001 - Bryan Heany/37.ent (Part One)

Bryan is a Kalamazoo sound engineer with eclectic experience in all things sonic, including studio engineering, live sound, archiving, radio production, equipment repair, and audio education. As a musician, Bryan has played with a long list of groups, including Guitar Up!, Zed Zeppelin, The Nwe Spryghts, The Roman Invasion Suite, The That's, and his own 37.ent projects, among many others. Stay tuned for part two of our conversation in a future episode.
37ent Soundcloud
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Recorded 12/27/17 at Studio 37 in Kalamazoo, MI
Shure SM58's > Crane Song Spider

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Episode 002 - John Campos/Western Sound Studios

John is Director of Western Sound Studios, the recording facility at Western Michigan University, and has managed this classic Kalamazoo studio for over 30 years. As WMU's recording techniques instructor, John has also helped generations of successful engineers get their careers started in audio.

Western Sound Studios
Article of John from WMU Website
John's group The Corn Fed Girls

Recorded 12/27/17 at WSS in Kalamazoo, MI
Neumann TLM49's > True Precision 8
Featured song: "Exactly Like You" by the Susie Parr Trio.

Electricians and Madmen is produced by Ian Gorman at La Luna. Interviews are recorded on location, with each featured engineer choosing the microphone and signal chain. Theme music, "Roswell (JH24 Version)" was written and performed by Brian Koenigsknecht.