Fall 2018 Recording Workshops

To register for workshops email us at info@lalunarecording.com, or call us at 269-743-6777. We also offer private lessons, both at La Luna and on location.


Mon Sept 24

Intro to Mastering
with Ian Gorman

The final polishing step in production before releasing your music to the world. Learn how to make a mix release-ready. Techniques for EQ, compression, limiting, loudness, and translatability.

Mon Oct 8

Microphone Selection & Placement
with John Campos

Maybe the most important choice you'll make in a studio. Luckily, ears are more important than dollars. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of different mics, the critical decisions of placement, and how these options impact every aspect of your production.

Oct 20/21


with Ian Gorman
Admission $275, Students $225

• Record and mix a live band on 2” 24-track tape using analog outboard gear and our 32-channel Trident 78 console

• Basics of tape machines care and alignment

• Vintage recording theory and approaches

• Analog effects including spring reverb, tape delay, and echo chamber

• Ways to incorporate old-school techniques into the modern studio

Mon Nov 5

Vocal Production
with Mike Fuerst

Vocal tracking and mixing approaches to get the best out of your singer and gear. This course will cover setting the right mood for the perfect take, mic and performance techniques, editing/comping, effects, and harmony/arrangement ideas as well as coaching tips for the producer during tracking sessions.

Mon Nov 19

Roots Music Recording Techniques
with Ian Gorman

Learn approaches specific to acoustic music, includingSinger/songwriters, folk and bluegrass. Acoustic guitar,
mandolin, banjo, upright bass, violin, and more.

Mon Dec 3

Soldering 101
with Bryan Heany

Learn the basics of soldering for audio and instrument cables, and discuss the features of various audio wire and plug types. Get resources for setting up your own repair bench as well as information on basic wiring practices and signal flow.